Authentic Indian Food from My Shanti


In Vancouver’s growing multicultural landscape, the variety and quality of amazing restaurants has been one of the greatest results as we welcome new people and cultures.  Leading the way as a result of the imaginative and creative ways that he brings his unique and authentic flavours to his dishes is Vikram Vi.  He continues to bring his touch through creating authentic Indian Food at My Shanti, his newest restaurant in Surrey.  Looking back at his travels in India and the people that he met,  you can see how this style of authentic Indian Food has enabled My Shanti bring an experience in dining that separates itself from Vij’s other restaurants, as well as other Indian restaurants in the city.

More info: Indian immigration to Canada has a history that long dates back, and because of this we have some of the best Indian food here outside of India.  Through his understanding of the flavours, ingredients, and history, Vikram Vij has been able to separate himself from the pack to stand out as one of the most innovative and skilled Chefs in the world through the dishes he creates.  He continues to live up his reputation for serving some of the most authentic Indian Food, and My Shanti is just another example of how he chosen to yet again demonstrate how his food truly reflects the experiences he has come across. From Executive Chefs, to home cooks that he has met as he traveled throughout India, along with many of the cultural and historical stories that he heard, Vikram Vij has put together a menu that showcases the true flavours of India.

Along with the Indian Food from My Shanti, Vikram Vij has also introduced us to his culinary creations through Vij’s Restaurant, Rangoli, Railway Express, and Vij’s Sutra.  He continues to be a showcased in many televisions programs, and is one of the leaders in the culinary revolution to highlight the best in food.