Mount Seymour Snowshoeing Adventure


The natural beauty that surrounds Vancouver has always been our most amazing feature, and getting out to explore the wilderness and the many different trails through the mountains is an adventure that you must do.  Winter is the perfect time to get out, and there isn’t a better way then a Mount Seymour Snowshoeing Adventure  As one of our premiere local mountains, you are able to explore and take in the sites and sounds of the BC Mountains, without even having to venture that far out of the city.

More info: With an International reputation that has awarded them titles such as the #1 Resort for Snowshoeing in North America in 2012, we couldn’t be luckier to have access to  the various types of trails and scenery that you are able to enjoy through a Mount Seymour Snowshoeing adventure.  Just a quick 45 minute drive from the downtown Core, individuals of all levels are able to come out to experience the majesty of our Northshore Mountains.  The Trails at Mount Seymour are well maintained and provide many different difficulty levels at every junction, which will allow the casual stroller, to the more adventurous hiker the opportunity to explore the mountains and nature around them in their own unique way.

Getting out for a Mount Seymour Snowshoeing adventure is a easy process, from their rental services which will equip you with the necessary gear that you will need, along with handy trail maps that outline the various routes you could take, and staff that is available to answer any questions you may have.  They also offer group and school opportunities for those looking to book a large outing.  For all looking to come up, make sure you always dress warmly and have the proper food, dress, and safety gear to prepare you for any outdoor mountain situation.