Erotic Cake Designs at Luscious Creations


A cake to celebrate a special occasion is a timeless tradition that we are always more than happy to continue, however, not all occasions come with the pg rating, and sometimes require a sweet treat of the more…naughty nature.  Luscious Creations in Port Coquitlam is a bakery that understands these requests, and is more then happy to make a cake that will satisfy any order. Though they excel at creating custom cakes for the  traditional birthday, wedding, and other festivities, it is their naughty erotic cake section that will have customers wanting to take a second look.

More info: A cake can sometimes say things that a simple explanation will never encompass, and owners Liam Grainger and Natalie Escudero understand that with some requests, sometimes a picture of what you want is a lot easier to go off.  With their naughty cake line, they have taken the custom cake business to the next level, creating cake designs that will literally blow your mind.  The erotic cake line was a result of their realization that many people had those types of requests, but either did not know where to go to ask, or more so, were too embarrassed to ask a regular bakery.  Through creating a comfortable environment as well as having a design book of erotic cake photos that you can look at, customers won’t feel any shame or embarrassment in ordering the custom cake they desire.

Along with erotic cakes that come in a variety of shapes and designs such as breasts, bums, penises, vaginas, half and full bodies, all done in a number of ways (even based on a photo that you might provide), Luscious Creations is provides just what you need for your custom erotic cake order.  They also have a number of premade treats if you have forgotten an occasion and need to quickly pick up a treat to spice up your night.