Hip Hop Karaoke at Fortune Sound Club


Come out for a night of amazing performers, getting on stage and throwing down some old school hip hop like you’ve never seen.  It’s taking the classic karaoke night and turning it up a notch at Fortune Sound Clubs Hip Hop Karaoke night.  With performers lining up for a chance to get on the mic to give the crowd their best version of their favourite songs, you can’t help but leave knowing how much you’re looking forward to coming out for the next one. It’s the raw, no prompter, all amateur tribute to the best of hip hop, and the level of talent that comes out to perform will have you amazed and pumped up for more.

More info:  A part of Vancouver’s nightlife scene since 2009, Hip Hop Karaoke Vancouver has been the premiere location for any budding hip hop fans to come out for their chance to get on the mic and perform their favourite songs.  Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown hosts this energy pumping night, where there is usually an online waiting list for those looking to have their chance to throw down.  The night officially starts at around 10pm, and involves having 4-5 performers very 20 minutes getting up for their chance to be in the spot light, working the crowd and doing their best tribute to their favourite artists.  All songs must be memorized, as there isn’t a prompter to give you a life line when you get on stage, but regardless of how you are doing, you can always expect an enthusiastic crowd to cheer you on and show their appreciation for having the confidence to get on stage and provide the entertainment of the night. Whether you have a passion for performing in the car, shower, or even just in your head, Hip Hop Karaoke Vancouver is an un-intimidating  opportunity for you to have the chance to be the star.