Wellness and Relaxation Experience at Float House


A calming experience that allows us to relax our mind, body and soul is something that many of us strive for to counteract the fast paced lifestyle that we often fall into.  Having the opportunity to remove ourselves from the daily distractions around us is a benefit that you can enjoy at the Float House through their sensory deprivation float tanks.  Creating a unique environment that will allow the relaxation experience that you are looking for, the benefits of getting out for a float will have you looking forward to the day ahead.

More info: Imagine feeling the weightlessness of your body, while your mind is unclouded from any type of distraction and is able to succeed in a level of clarity and calmness similar to the most meditated states.  This is the type of relaxation experience that you will embark on through a session at the Float House.  There float tanks, which are often referred to as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks, are fully enclosed tubs, filled with 10″ of epsom salt dissolved water, and are light and sound proof, with a neutral smell.  Removing the forces of gravity on your body and providing a sense of peace in your mind lead to a number of benefits such as pain management and rejuvenation, heightened senses, chronic stressor relief, and brain synchronization.

The Float House offers a number of different memberships and sessions so that every guest can come to enjoy a relaxation experience in their own way. From first coming through their doors and signing up, to preparing your own unique float session with the staff, and then finally getting into the tank to have the mediation, wellness, and relaxation experience that you need to recharge your body, mind, and soul.  This is definitely something that you will look forward to coming back to again.