The Whistler Sliding Centre Bobsleigh Experience


It’s time to rev things up for a thrill that will put you on one of the most extreme rides that you have ever been on.  The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver inspired a Country to cheer on their athletes, as well as exposing them to some amazing sports.  One of the highlights has to be the Whistler Sliding Centre Bobsleigh races, and as part of the Whistler Olympic Legacy program, you now have the chance to try out what it’s like to be rocketing down the track in your own Bobsleigh.

More info: It’s the fastest ice track in the world, and one of the many amazing facilities that were created for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Hosting a number of different ice sports, The Whistler Sliding Centre Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton track is an amazing site to see first hand.  To give guests a chance to experience what it feels like ride on this state of the art track, they offer an amazing Bobsleigh or Skeleton Ride package where you get geared up and get to tear down this 1,450 metre long ice track.

The Whistler Sliding Centre Bobsleigh program involves a 4 man Bobsleigh, where you will ride down with your trained pilot and team, going 125+km an hour, taking 10 turns and feeling the pressure of up to 4G’s as you accelerate through the various curves and straightaways.  The Skeleton Experience is a solo opportunity where guests take 6 turns and reach speeds of 100km/hr.  All participants will go through a safety course before hand to ensure that they are comfortable before going on their Sliding Centre Experience.

Also note that along with the guest experiences, this continues to be an official sanctioned and operated ice track, and is host to a variety of world class athletes both training as well as participating in World Cup Events that are hosted at the Whistler Sliding Centre.