Best Poutine Perfection at La Belle Patate


It’s one of Canada’s greatest exports on a plate, and no matter when you have it, the cheesy, gooey texture combined with the rich gravy and freshly fried fries satisfies everyones hunger.  Poutine proudly showcases the heartiness of our country, and La Belle Patate on Davies Street has some of the best poutine around.  During the day, in the evening, or late at night, you can not resist the delicious aroma wafting out on to the street as you walk by.

More info: With it’s roots coming from Eastern Canada, La Belle Palate creates the best Poutine by bringing the rich Quebecois tradition to Vancouver, using authentic ingredients, and putting together this amazing dish in a traditional way.  It is the combination of fries, gravy, and cheese curds in a manner that with every bite you are filled with the marrying of flavours that make poutine so delicious to eat.  The squeaky cheese curds is a must, and La Belle Patate does it right, piling your plate with it, before pouring on the gravy in a way that in the end, a pool of it still lies at the bottom of your dish.

Along with the traditional, La Belle Palate is able to take one of the best Poutine’s and make it better by taking it to the next level as they also have many other toppings and versions that you can try that will appease any craving.  The also have brought in many other Eastern Canada favourites such as steamies hot dogs, montreal smoked meat sandwiches, and the Joe Louis chocolate dessert cakes. It’s the perfect place to go when you have that desire for those greasy savoury foods, and even better when its after a night out having fun with your friends.  Don’t feel guilty about giving into your temptations, with a menu like theirs, there are way to many ways that you’ll be much happier after you eat.