Live Entertainment 7 nights a week at Guilt & Co


Getting out for a fun night can happen on any day of the week, so that means having  a place to go where you know something exciting is going on at all times is crucial.  A hidden gem in Gastown that has live entertainment 7 nights a week is just what the doctor ordered, and Guilt & Co has the cure for whatever ales you.  The perfect casual spot where you can get together with friends to enjoy a drink, some delicious food, and take in one of the acts from their many live performers, you won’t waste your time anymore trying to figure out the place you want to be.

More info: Having live entertainment 7 nights a week is often hard to find in Vancouver, which is why Guilt & Co stands out as one of the premiere places to go whenever you’re looking for a fun night out.  With a group of performers on their schedule that can range from jazz performers to a drag cabaret, live hip hop, r&b and soul, to up and coming local bands, you can always expect to see some new and amazing performance when you drop in.  An intimate space that also allows you to enjoy time with your friends, as well as being able to really get into the performances, Guilt & Co is a unique environment that encourages the social interactions that many of us have forgotten about in the age of technology.

You’ll want to keep your phones off so that you can truly take in the energy happening all around you as you won’t be able to leave without having met someone new, and had an amazing night out watching a great performer.  With live entertainment 7 nights a week, you couldn’t find a better place to go then Guilt & Co, and you’ll want to make sure you have your seat for the next visit.