Delicious Handmade Chocolates at Chocolate Arts


The irresistible appeal of chocolate is one that will have many people become weak in the knees.  With a taste and smell that will take you away to a land of bliss, being able to enjoy the smooth, rich taste of it is an incredible feeling, and at Chocolate Arts in Vancouver, their handmade chocolates are one of a kind.  Creating a wide range of unique flavours, varieties, and styles, their small batch process allows them to make handmade chocolates of the highest standard so that their customers will find enjoyment in every bite.

More info: With a history in Vancouver dating back more then 20 years, Chocolate Arts has been showcasing their craft in handmade chocolates, and creating magnificent pieces for their customers to enjoy.  Starting the process by committing to supporting sustainable agriculture, local growers, and local businesses, you can expect this highest quality of chocolate to be made by the chocolate artists at Chocolate Arts.  Their place in British Columbia and the Pacific West Coast also heavily inspires the ingredients they use and the chocolates that they create, allowing customers to truly taste the flavours that they find all around them.  Through the use of wild blackberries, peaches, blueberries, pears, and hazelnuts, along with a multitude of other ingredients, you will truly experience a taste sensation as well as appreciate the look and style of these miniature pieces of art.

Along with their classic pieces of handmade chocolates such as blackberry intense, candied ginger, cleopatra, fruit bon bon, coffee cardamom, and kalamansi, Chocolate Arts also creates limited run flavours that highlight different seasonal flavours and monthly events.  For those looking to buy larger quantities, they also have various gift boxes as well as larger featured creations that you can add to your chocolate order.  And while in the shop, you can also enjoy their cafe with various handmade lunch options, as well as a tantalizing and body warming hot chocolate shot, or freshly made pastries, cakes, petit fours, and ice cream bars.